Bantureethi kolu

Bantureethi kolu (sometimes pronounced as bandureethi)is one more song in the peppy carnatic collection that i have (thats how i call it).a very nice song. The tempo and the pitch of the song are very catchy. Its again a Telgu song composed by Thyagaraja. This was one of the songs that i wanted to learn. Finally I learnt it from my teacher. I enjoy singing it.
Raagam HamsanAdham.
Talam: Aadhi
Aa: S R2 M2 P D3 N3 S
Av: S N3 D3 P M2 R2 S
This is a janya raagam of Neetimati
Lyrics as below (taken from )

banTu reeti kOlu viyavaiyya raama (banTu)
tuNTa viNTi vaani modalaina madaa- dula goTTi nela goola jEyu nija (banTu)
rOmaanca manu ghana kancukamu raama bhaktuDanu mudra biLLayu
raama naama manu vara khaDga mivi raajillu naiyya tyaagaraajuni kE (bunTu)

In this song Sri Thyagaraja pleads with Rama to give him the post of a guard for Raama; symbolically meaning that he always wants to be in Sri rama’s sannidhi (in his presence).He says in the anupallavi, the guard’s post should be such that he is empowered to destroy all the demons which are arishadvargas (kama-love, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya) and since the guard is empowered to do so, he needs such a guard’s post.In the caraNam, he says he should be blessed with the emblem of Ramabhakti, given a sword called Raama Naama (the name of Raama) to perform his guard’s job.

The parent raagam neetimati is the
60th melakartha
Aa: S R2 G2 M2 P D3 N3 S
Av: S N3 D3 P M2 G2 R2 S
It is also called nisshadham in the Dikshitar (asampUrna mela) system

The hamsanadham raagam is one of those raagams which is more popular than the parent raagam. The song sorgame enDrAlum adu nammuru from the movie Uru viTTu Uru vandu is also composed in this raagam. It is said that this raagam can also be sung without the D. many people do not like the N3 and D3. they feel the song becomes too pop like. But I love it. I feel some amount of kalpana swaram in this song would give it a really sooper ending.

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  1. vidhya says:

    At August 12, 2007 9:43 AM , Blogger sangeetha said…

    The meaning is awesome!!! Now I want to learn the song properly… next function, we’ll sing it together!!

    ... on July February 15th, 2009
  2. Kalyani says:

    need to check your typos. It is Telugu not Telgu

    ... on July March 3rd, 2010
  3. vidhya says:

    Thanks… honest mistake ;)

    ... on July March 3rd, 2010
  4. kums says:

    I did not see the typo until pointed out. But good effort

    ... on July October 27th, 2011

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